Cartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet
  • Air ProCartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet
  • Air ProCartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet

Cartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet

Følgende handler om tegneserie Nytt design babyroom klesskap relatert, håper jeg å hjelpe deg bedre å forstå tegneserie Nytt design babyroom klesskap.

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Cartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet:

Vare: Baby doble skap / Tegneserie Nytt designskap til baby

Baby rom
Guest room 

2layers: 57X40X89cm

3layers: 57X40X110cm



DeCartoon New Design Babyroom Clothes Cabinet is an important piece of furniture in the children's bedroom, so its environmental friendliness is particularly important. And children's plastic wardrobe, once we heard the word, we will think that it is not environmentally friendly, it will contain formaldehyde and the like. In fact, this view is not correct. It is necessary to know that the plastics that can be made in furniture are different from what we understand. The plastics that are generally made for children's wardrobes are made of environmentally friendly resin. Such children's wardrobes have no formaldehyde, and also Non-toxic and tasteless.

Home to receive ark, the latest design with double open the door on the design, more convenient to various clothes hang buy to, the following USES the drawer style, can place a variety of small household items, beautiful, practical, and easy, this receive ark have new cartoon design for the lovely Bear/the color is shining.the atmosphere, the quality is new PP material production, quality assurance, keep it to babyroom is so suitble and so fashion.all babies love it so much!

For the children in the living room, the children's clothes are usually less hanging pieces, more stacked, and the placement of children's toys, so consider a large cabinet when designing the whole wardrobe. Only the upper layer of the pendant, the lower layer is vacant, it is convenient for children to open the door at any time to pick up and collect toys, to meet the children's fun attitude.

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